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E&A Client Spotlight: Rush Street

Client’s Name: Rush Street

All About Rush Street:

An online sports-and-casino betting company, Rush Street is one of the fastest-growing gaming companies in North America. Launching four casinos in four years, Rush Street and its affiliates have invested more than $3 billion of capital and created more than 9,000 jobs. A cornerstone of the Rush Street portfolio, Rush Street Gaming is their Brick-and-Mortar Casino business.

How was the Business Formed?

Rush Street was formed in the mid-1990s when legendary real estate developer, Neil Bluhm, met financier, Greg Carlin. Rush Street Gaming has created nearly 9,000 high-quality jobs in the past decade.

What’s next for Rush Street?

Currently, Rush Street is comprised of multiple full-service casinos, internet gaming, a multitude of restaurants, hotels, television production and more. What thematically connects all Rush Street business units is their destination-based gaming, entertainment and recreation value proposition.

As a result of its early entrance into the industry, the company is now one of the largest online casinos by revenue. Rush Street is on its way to being one of the fastest-growing casino gaming companies in the world.

Fun Fact about Rush Street:

As both owners are Chicago natives, Rush Street is named after the legendary Chicago north-south roadway, which borders the Rush Street headquarters. Rush Street’s restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and high-end retail are a metaphor for Rush Street as a company —an ever-changing, wonderfully compelling destination.

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