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Evans and Associates' Client Highlighted in Forbes Magazine

Image by Linda Davidson/The Washington Post via Forbes

Josh Genderson, Founder and CEO of Holistic Industries was featured in an April 21 Forbes article titled “Josh Genderson, Erudite CEO Of Holistic Industries: Wine, Weed And The Grateful Dead.”

Holistic Industries is among the largest private vertically-integrated multi-state operators in the cannabis industry. With an industry-recognized reputation for deeply caring about the people who work and shop with us and for consistently delivering significant growth since its inception, Holistic is considered the Best Place to Work, Shop and Invest in Cannabis.

Led by Genderson, Holistic will continue to win licenses, grow its substantial footprint and broad capabilities, and be responsible stewards of capital.

Evans & Associates is proud to have handled the entire license application process and all current regulatory and legislative work for Holistic Industries.

Check out the Forbes article here.

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