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Launch of Beloved Community Literacy Project

A note from Rick Marving Tamno, BCLP Founder and Director:

Dear Friends & Supporters,

On behalf of the Beloved Community Literacy Project (formerly the Saturday Literacy Enrichment Project), I would like to thank you for your ongoing support during the implementation of BCLP. This literacy intervention program brings together dedicated UMD students who serve as literacy coaches; Springhill Lake Elementary School (SHLES) administrators who provide classrooms, breakfast, and lunch to the children on Saturdays; an expert instructor; and 21 kindergarteners and their families.

After more than two years of planning, development, and implementation, BCLP officially launched on February 5 at SHLES, coinciding with World Read Aloud Day. Guest readers included several UMD literacy coaches, Judge Alexander Williams, and Laurie Moloney, President of the D.C. Capital Area Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (DCIDA).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • Springhill Lake Elementary School, the children, the parents, and the teachers, for trusting us to serve their community

  • Dr. Nina Harris, Gerry Evans, and House Delegate Eric Luedtke for providing me the opportunity to be Rawlings Fellow, which is how/where the idea of BCLP originated

  • The Judge Alexander Williams Center of Education, Justice & Ethics and the African American Studies Department for providing tremendous administrative and financial support throughout the implementation of BCLP

  • Dr. Sharon Fries-Britt, Dr. Tony Randall, and Dr. Warren Kelley for their love and support over the last two years as BCLP grew from an idea into a program

  • DCIDA for its financial support; and DCIDA president, Laurie Moloney, for providing the BCLP curriculum and serving as lead instructor for the program

  • Mr. Aaron Tinch, co-president of the UMD Black Alumni Association, for his continuous support and mentoring during and after my years at UMD

  • The Do Good Institute for providing exceptional mentoring in my professional growth as a social entrepreneur

  • Each of the 36 donors who raised $3,240 through Launch UMD and the Office of the Vice President for financial support, the College Park Scholars Public Leadership Program for awarding BCLP with their Philanthropy Educational grant, and the 10 UMD students who serve as literacy coaches for BCLP

  • Dr. Donald Bolger of the School of Education, and Dr. Jennifer Littlefield of the School of Public Policy, for their expertise in helping us track the progress of the children to help with policy priorities and advocacy.

  • The Dean Student Advisory Council of the College of Behavioral and Social Science and the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society for providing me the educational background and necessary leadership opportunities to grow into a fearless leader.

  • My best friends Camille Moore, Ryan Trout, Russell King, Al-Hafis Adegun, Jonathan Rodriguez, and Balin Carey, for being my best friends.

  • Maryland Book Bank and The Lisa Libraries for donating more than 500 children appropriate books so the children can build their in-home libraries

We look forward to updating you in the upcoming months as the project moves forward. Please find attached several pictures from World Read Aloud Day and our first Saturday Session on February 8th.

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